MÓSTOLES TECNOLÓGICO is a Technology and Science Park. Its main aim is to promote the modernization and technological innovation in the metropolitan area of ​​the south of Madrid with an ingrained business and industrial tradition, creating an attractive space for technological investment, promoting an efficient system of the elements: science / technology / industry.


Móstoles Tecnológico is an initiative of the Madrid Region and the City Council of Móstoles, that have constituted an Urban Consortium, with the equal participation of both administrations, for the development of the Park, as a further instrument of the technological policies to support a productive system which must grow by innovating to compete and create wealth and well-being in a globalized market.

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    To promote research and innovation among the scientific, technological and business community installed in the Park, making the science-technology-industry system more efficient, as a basis for innovation in business practice.


    Create an environment where innovative companies, and/or in process of technological transformation can find a place, and to offer optimum conditions to improve innovation in SMEs.

Reasons to install your company:

Companies installed in Móstoles Tecnológico will be able to take advantage of the economic potential, the entrepreneurial and productive tradition and the urban area of ​​quality that the southern Madrid area offers.


    The strategic location of Móstoles Tecnológico, with easy and convenient access from any point of the iberian peninsula and with international connection.


    The physical proximity of the Rey Juan Carlos University campus guarantees scientific research and will provide qualified collaborators and professionals to the companies installed in the Park.


    Móstoles Tecnológico is part of the technological policy of the Madrid Region, through the Network of Science and Technology Parks that are being developed in the Madrid Metropolitan Area, and which should take advantage of and enhance its location in Madrid-Region as one of the areas with the highest growth rate in the European Union.


    All the characteristics of Móstoles Tecnológico are oriented to the creation of a favorable environment, so that installed companies will find all the facilities to develop a culture of technological innovation, in order to increase its competitiveness and facilitate its concurrence in a globalized market.

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